Wight Wolves Women’s Rugby Training 2018/19


Ever thought about braving it?

Here’s what our newly recruited Wolf Katy had to say a few weeks back:

“Last Wednesday I put on my big girl pants and braved something I’ve been thinking about for a while… Women’s Rugby.

Nervous was an understatement, I mean, generally I consider myself sane, and as such, am attached to my ears in their current form, and my front teeth (in all of their buck toothed glory) in their current location i.e. in my mouth and my low pain threshold is only equalled by Neymar.

Worryingly, my fitness is also unquestionably: missing (I’ve put up posters everywhere but it hasn’t been seen for approximately a decade).

Lastly, I know nothing of rugby, I have never even watched a game (game? Is that right? Or is it a match?) This proves my point. I am beyond clueless.

Despite all of this, the Wight Wolves welcomed me with open arms at their Inner Warrior event.

I haven’t had that much fun in FOREVER. I laughed until I cried, got muddier than a Glastonbury camper, bruised like a peach and was definitely offside more than on!

I can’t wait for the next training 😍

“There was no initiation, not a single member of the team has told me ‘you’re in now’, because it’s not like that. It’s not cliquey. There are no ‘Mean Girls’. The only comparison I can think of is, the Wight Wolves are like a ‘HOME AND AWAY’ family (yup the hideous Aussie soap), you turn up and you’re in.

I really can’t stress my lack of knowledge, fitness or ability here people. Not for comedy value, but for out and out truth. ”

SO WHATS STOPPING YOU, If we can do it, so can you ! Come and see what it’s all about….. 🐺
Wednesday, 6pm Wootton Rec.